Our team

Asia-analytica is headed by Pauline Loong, an award-winning China researcher some 25 years standing.

She authors the Loong on China reports that provide a second opinion on the market and is a former director of Jardine Fleming (now part of JPMorgan) where she headed their China department for ten years.

She makes presentations on China's economy at regional and industry forums, and is a frequent commentator on Bloomberg (see our library).

Our principals have tracked China since it opened to the outside world in 1979 and have a long track record in producing timely and succinct research reports on policy risk.

We are unbiased. We do not pull our punches out of habit formed living and working in a repressive environment. Nor are we overly negative on shortcomings in the economy as we see China as a market, not a place to bring up our children.

Our researchers are native Chinese speakers who understand every nuance of the local language and the culture - and do not rely on translators to judge what may be an important piece of information that needs to be translated.

Our team is based in Hong Kong - arguably the best listening post in Asia with its access to uncensored newspapers and websites, and a meeting place for the most affluent and enterprising businessmen in China and their global financial and commercial partners.